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Kronplatz and children

Kronplatz is a pleasant place to relax with children. First of all, because they think a lot about safety and convenience – for example, there are several times more cabins than chairlifts. Secondly, it is calm here not only during the day, when the bulk of the people are on the mountain, but also in the evenings, because lovers of intensive après ski do not go here. Kronplatz has a reputation as a solid family resort.

Riding lessons
Almost all ski schools in the region have children’s groups where children from three to four years old are admitted. The average cost of an hour at a ski school is 10 euros. Classes for the smallest begin on a fenced area with a slight slope, equipped with a lifting tape. Then the children climb the real slopes and train on simple blue tracks. Training usually takes two to five hours a day. At the end of the course, children are awarded with medals.

Instructors speak German, Italian and English. In Russian – very rarely. But let this not especially bother you: sometimes it is much easier for young children to understand a foreigner, especially if he smiles. And all the movements are easy to remember, simply repeating after the instructor.

It’s best to choose a school that you are comfortable with. The level of prices and service is about the same. There are several schools at the foot of the mountain – this is a good option, if one of the parents or the nanny does not ride – you do not need to buy a ski pass. There are schools on the plateau, next to restaurants – then you can have lunch together.

You can get acquainted in advance with the school services, their location, staff and prices on the websites:,,,,

Beginner skiers
Teaching a child to ride on their own is not such a bad idea. Kronplatz has many gently sloping blue tracks where it will be convenient for you to share with young people the secrets of deriving joy from gliding quickly in the snow. Focus on instructors with a string of kids: they ride on the most convenient tracks – for example, the 36th, which goes down to San Vigilio under the Miara ski lift. And be sure to visit Kids Safety Park together (down from the Olang lift) – here you can find the rules of conduct on the mountain, signs and signs that occur during skiing.

Sometimes children get tired of riding earlier than their parents. Some generally give up sports. There are other situations in which babysitter services may be useful. The children’s club staff in the Kron restaurant (a round glass building on a plateau) can be trusted with children from 2 to 12 years old for 10 euros per hour, and newborn babies for 15 €. At the disposal of children a large number of toys, sports equipment and materials for creativity. There they can feed the child (+ 2.5 €). The service is available from 10.00 to 15.30.

Discounts for families with children
Firstly, when buying an adult ski pass you can always get a free child (up to 8 years old). Those who are from 8 to 12 ride with a 50% discount even in high season. Secondly, from March 16 to April 14, 2013, children under 12 can study at ski schools with a 15% discount, and renting equipment for everyone under 12 will cost parents 20% less. And in March and April, many hotels accommodate children for free or at a very low price.

Kronplatz and children
Kronplatz is a pleasant place to relax with children. First of all, because they think a lot about safety and convenience - for example, there are several times more cabins…


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