Abercrombie & Fitch Comes To Sicily
On October 17, the first in Europe outlet of clothes and accessories from the famous American youth brands Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister opens in the Sicilia Outlet Village shopping…

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sakura chan italian
Gourmet tourism: what products will have to go abroad
Due to Russia's food sanctions, gourmet tourism is expected to flourish. In connection with the introduction of a ban on the import of a number of food products from EU…

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Sardinian goodies
Italian cuisine is the best cuisine in the world, with each province having its own signature dishes, which envy the cuisine of any randomly selected country. In this context, Sardinia…

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Kronplatz: swim and steam

A 10-minute walk from the ski lifts in Riscone next to the Olympia 3 * and Majestic 4 * hotels is the wellness center CRON4 (Aquarium) – a favorite of locals and a healthy après ski popular with tourists.

This is a modern, but very comfortable sports and fitness complex, where you can enjoy spending not only the evening hours, but the whole day in bad weather or if you are tired of skiing. The two main groups of services of the complex are swimming pools and saunas.

To swim
There are five basins. The first is a classic sports one with 25-meter lanes and cool water. Warm “fun pool” is loved by children. Here, for those who wish, a waterfall falls from time to time, lovers of strong sensations spin a whirlpool (at a shallow depth), lazy people can get a hydromassage. Nearby there is a shallow pool for active games and swimming lessons. In a quiet corner there is a swimming pool for babies with a slide and a fountain (there is also a changing room, a children’s toilet). The outdoor pool overlooking the mountains in summer and winter is filled with warm salt water (35? C) – as well as lovers of unusual sensations. In the evening it is almost impossible to see not only the mountains, but also those with whom you came, because of the steam. Entrance to the pool from the main room, swim through the vestibule, so you do not have time to freeze.

Saunas are the pride of CRON4. This becomes clear already at the entrance to the complex: the monitors demonstrate the selfless, reminiscent of the mystical spectacle work of the bathhouse attendants (they are called masters there), the diplomas of employees on education on the walls, photographs of the cheerful winners of the bathing championships with wooden bowls at the ready, as well as broad-shouldered masseurs.

You will surely have strong impressions from visiting saunas – both physiological and cultural. It is important to be aware of local regulations right away. According to German (Austrian) tradition, there is no division into male and female departments. Staying in a sauna in a bathing suit or swimming trunks is not welcome. Of self-defense, only a towel is possible. But, I must say, the constraint passes pretty quickly – after watching the not perfect young and old bodies in the first five minutes, you somehow get to your own and easily accept the rules of the game. Of course, in the company of acquaintances it is more difficult to expose oneself. Locals do not bother and come to the sauna families.

The main events take place on the street, where there are 9 wooden houses with various saunas, the temperature of which varies from 80 ° C to 100 ° C (see information at the entrance), and three huts for relaxation, where twilight reigns and there are couches with rugs. Also on the street there is a cold pool, showers, a bar, several recreational places organized around live fire. There is also a small bathhouse in the main building, where there are bio-saunas (steam with essential oils), a dry sauna and a contrast foot pool.

In addition, in CRON4 you can do massage, peeling (the menu has many options) and visit the solarium.

Prices, time and comfort
Pricing is very flexible. You can get into the pool by paying from 3.5 euros, a full-day sauna ticket costs about 20 euros. Some hotels located near CRON4 have discount deals for customers. For example, Olympia guests can use the free pools and pay half the price for using saunas.

Do not forget slippers, and if you forgot, buy at the reception: without them, it will be very difficult to move from house to house in the snow and pebbles. Also, you should take a couple of towels and a bathrobe with you (all this can be rented).

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