Venice for children
Despite the fact that Venice has a very romantic image and lovers from all over the world tend to get here, couples with children do not lag behind them. Many…

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Gourmet tourism: what products will have to go abroad
Due to Russia's food sanctions, gourmet tourism is expected to flourish. In connection with the introduction of a ban on the import of a number of food products from EU…

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Kronplatz: Italian snow, Austrian customs
The Kronplatz resort, belonging to the Italian ski region Dolomiti Superski, can be characterized by three adjectives: cozy, family, modern. You need to come here for at least a week:…

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Trenitalia: super-economics have become even cheaper

With the help of Trenitalia it is very convenient to travel around Italy, and even stop by in neighboring countries.

But you need to think about your route in advance, as the comfort of the trip and the cost are directly dependent.

This year, Coach provides half fare on Saturdays from March 23 to June 8, the condition is “two tickets for the price of one.” And also there are more opportunities to purchase tickets at the “super-mini” fare through the website, for example, for 9 euros you can travel from Scalea to Rome (usually the fare is from 40-50 euros).

But keep in mind that economical tariffs cannot be canceled! In some cases, it is possible to postpone travel dates to a later period.


In the first two months of 2013, ticket sales grew by + 60%!

There are more than 80 high-speed routes per day from Rome to Milan, connecting in only 2 hours 40 minutes at a speed of 300 km / h the State capital with the economic center of the country.

High-speed trips Frecciarossa, racing at a speed of 300 km / h, connect the main cities of the country (Turin – Milan – Bologna – Florence – Rome – Naples – Salerno), depart with a frequency of 15 minutes during peak hours.

– To know in advance!

On Frecciarossa trains, passengers can choose four different types of service, depending on their own needs: Executive level for exclusive travel; Business – ideal for business or leisure trips; Premium – for the most comfortable trip; Standard is a high speed train at a low price. All Frecciarossa trains also have a conference room for business negotiations during the trip, a Quiet zone and two Salons with four seats each. The train provides passenger reception, drinks and Wi-fi.

– Yes! There is a connection, free of charge, the quality is good, it is easy to install: they found a “waffle” on their computer or tablet, a mobile number (without +39) is hammered into the login, a password is sent to this mobile. Password is valid 24 hours. That is, left in the morning – returned in the evening, and the password for the whole day. Juice and cookies, even at the Economy rate. And further! It is necessary to turn off the sound on the phones! Really people go and work.

Just 37 minutes to travel from Florence to Bologna, 70 minutes to travel from Rome to Naples, 43 minutes from Turin to Milan, 1 hour 45 minutes from Milan to Florence.

– Yes! Very comfortably! You can arrange a trip to major cities with complete comfort.

Frecciabianca trains run on traditional lines, outside high-speed tracks, while providing quality comfort and service. 84 connections per day serve 87 large and medium-sized centers, providing Trenitalia’s comprehensive transportation network. So, in 4 hours you can drive from Genoa to Rome, driving through Versilia, while from Milan in 2 hours 27 minutes you can drive to Venice, and 3 hours to the Adriatic coast.

Communication is also provided by Intercity and Notte trains and regional trains.

– About Notta need more. Firstly, you can choose the lower or upper shelves in advance, when purchasing a ticket. I recommend not taking the two lower ones, since only a person up to 160 cm tall can sit under the open upper shelf. The compartment is wider than ours, and the upper shelves are significantly lower. Moreover, in each compartment there is a ladder. On the top shelf a convenient belt – not to fly at night. From the bed they give one sheet and a pillow with a pillowcase. Fans of shelter at night should provide a jacket or plaid. Air conditioning works, windows do not open. The train from South to North, of course, is filled with Calabrian and Sicilian guest workers. In a neighboring compartment, for example, on the upper shelf were carrying boxes of tangerines. The full effect of Abkhazia, except that the comfort and cleanliness of the shelves are unusual. In general, the people are very positive, for the sake of “Signora Russo” our neighbors left the compartment early in the morning on toes, with boots in their hands. Very unexpected and pleasant.

they promise on the website that they will write down the names of the night passengers, but in fact the guide was not particularly interested. In the morning he gave us water, juice in a small box for everyone. And another thing: high-speed trains, the rails are very carefully adjusted, there is no usual wheel rattle!

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