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Paradise for two

Include travel together in your personal list of classes for lovers – and life will immediately sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow! DT talks about the most romantic destinations of this spring.

Leave alone for a weekend or for a week; to escape from the hustle and bustle in another reality full of magic; to live together moments of happiness and learn something new about the world in which we live – that is why romantic trips are needed. To compile our list of the most romantic places in the world, we interviewed many people who told us about their beautiful, interesting and very beautiful travels together. But, even if you decide to repeat them, your personal journey together will turn out to be different: after all, every love story is unique.

The sun, the sea, architecture, delicious food, smiling people, SPA and thermal springs – Italy is not without reason called one of the most romantic countries in the world. And which of the Italian cities will be the most romantic for you is up to you.

Rome: squares, fountains and cafes
Irina Kosals, journalist:
After half a century ago, Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck raced along the streets of sunset Rome on their scooter, almost everyone wants to spend a vacation in this city. Forget about cars, you have to walk around Rome, otherwise you risk spending all the time if not in traffic jams, then in search of a parking lot. And the Old City itself is not so big that you can’t get around it in a couple of days. Fans of thrills can rent a scooter, but since the Roman holidays there have been noticeably more cars in the city, so it’s unlikely that they will be able to race along the main arteries of the Ancient City.

In Rome there is no single center, but there are many points of attraction. The city is ruled by squares, fountains and bridges. Each square, hidden in a tangle of Italian streets and streets, seems to be a separate island. At the Campo de’Fiori, from early morning until noon, the market is noisy, and then the wineries open their doors. For me, the area around the square is the best place in the city, there are much fewer tourists than the Romans who do not hide behind the walls of the impregnable palazzo, but live in their usual rhythm.

But before you go for a walk around the neighboring alleys and streets in search of Roman authenticity, you must definitely drink a glass of wine at the table of the cozy La Vineria. The prices here are very affordable: from one and a half euros for a glass of wine at the bar and € 2.50-3 – on the street (yes, wine with a view of the famous square costs twice as much!). Here, in the square, you can taste typical Roman food at La Carbonara. Fish and seafood are excellently cooked nearby in the l’Osteria del Pesce restaurant on Via di Monserrato, while for pear pie or cherry cake you have to go to Ditirambo on Piazza della Cancelleria. The quarter is full of restaurants, cafes, night clubs, cinemas and theaters. Right there, nearby, in the area of ​​the old ghetto, for the first time in my life I tried kosher pizza. The real soul of Rome is in these little cobblestone streets of the old quarter, which smelled of freshly brewed coffee and bread with olives.
Rome: pay attention to …
… the best espresso in the city – in the cafe La Tazza d’Oro (Piazza della Rotonda)
… the area around Campo de’Fiori – with shops of antique dealers and perfumers, tailors and designers. Here you can buy a dress made in a single copy, and a piece of freshly hand-made almond or heather soap.
Venice: SPA overlooking San Marco
Marina Senkevich, Director of APRIORI, representative offices of European hotels
The first thing that comes to mind for lovers is, of course, an unforgettable trip to Venice. It would seem that everything about this city has already been written and said, can it still surprise you? Well, if the idea of ​​a romantic trip will be … SPA in Venice!

Stay at the Bauer Palladio Hotel & SPA, which is located in a historic building on the island of Judecca – across the strait from St. Mark’s Square. Huge stone vaulted ceilings, ancient frescoes, fountains and fireplaces, patios – a bit ascetic, but incredibly charming style that immediately immerses lovers in an atmosphere of complete silence and solitude, and it is literally a five-minute walk from the bustling Venetian streets! What an incredible luxury to wake up in Venice not to the noise of boats and the crowing of tourists, but to the singing of birds in the park, where the windows of your suite look out; have a leisurely breakfast on the balcony overlooking the lagoon; stroll along the promenade of the island of Judecca (looking inadvertently at the windows of luxury apartments owned by Elton John) and go together to the SPA.

To begin, choose an aroma bath to your taste: with a musky rose, with juniper, primrose and mountain arnica, or milk. So nice to sit there with a glass of wine. Then – a massage and a luxurious hammam trimmed with Italian marble. And then you can have tea in a comfortable lounge with a completely transparent wall and with incredible views of the lagoon and Venice. The most precious thing in Venice is peace and quiet. A time that belongs only to you two.

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